When Performance is Everything

Improve performance and customer service through our coaching programmes

Douglas Stafford has successfully developed and operated Performance Coaching programmes for Managers in order to ensure that maximum value is gained by its clients in the usage and debriefing of Mystery Shopping results.

Performance Coaching is designed to assist your managers to raise both sales and customer service performance and consequently the scores on all future mystery shopping activities involving their team. This enhanced performance will result in improvements in morale, conversions, sales, customer satisfaction, quality of sale and profitability. This programme is based on the premise that no matter how dazzling or damning the evidence, its value lies in what is done with it.

This 'evidence based' approach to people development is a particular expertise that Douglas Stafford is able to provide. It is powerful and undeniable, a great tool for managers if used well. And using it well is critical to its credibility and its value. It is not uncommon for mystery shopping to be used to embarrass, bludgeon and terrorise staff. It is however less common for it to be used to celebrate and educate, to measure and to manage. This programme will train managers to become performance coaches, so that they can quickly, sensitively and firmly get their people performing to their true potential.

Customer service training courses from Douglas Stafford

If you are looking for a comprehensive and professional customer service course that can help your company improve their levels of performance and service, then our Performance Coaching programmes could be the answer. Our unique customer service training programme has been specifically designed to help you get the most out of your employees, improving service and future mystery shopping scores. Our dedicated and friendly team will work closely with you, helping you to understand the foundations for good service and giving you plenty of helpful customer service tips to increase performance levels across the board.

Why do you need a customer service training programme?

The question of why a company should invest time and money into a customer service course is one that many may wonder. No matter how good your company’s customer service may be, there are always ways it can be improved, and by attending our bespoke customer service training courses, you can do just that. We can help you completely revolutionise your way of thinking when it comes to customer service, or can just provide you with some essential customer service tips to help you refine the techniques you already have in place. This will result in your staff feeling more confident and capable in their customer service, and potentially to an increase in profits as customers may bring repeat custom or recommend your services to others.

What makes our customer service training courses stand out?

Here at Douglas Stafford, we believe that an ‘evidence-based’ customer service course holds much more weight than one that just gives you a list of dos and don’ts and offers little else besides. Through mystery shopping, whether that be by video or telephone, and subsequent reports and analysis, we can provide you with quality customer service tips and advice that can be used in a real life setting. Too often is mystery shopping used to highlight the negatives, when it should be used constructively to move forward and improve performance. Our customer service training programme helps to train managers to become performance coaches, so they can themselves educate and advise their employees, assisting them in working to their full potential.

Why choose Douglas Stafford for your customer service course?

It is essential that you have every faith in a company when you invest valuable time and money on a customer service training programme. Here at Douglas Stafford, we have been providing customer service training courses and other performance improvement programmes for over 22 years, and have developed an enviable list of clients, including BMW, Renault, Claire’s Accessories, Volkswagen, and many more. As well as providing bespoke, detailed customer service tips, we also offer a wide variety of other comprehensive services, such as mystery shopping, market research and tele-sales programmes, all designed to increase performance, productivity and profitability.