On-Site Mystery Shopping

When Performance is Everything

Performance Improvement Through On-Site Mystery Shopping

Review Staff Performance

This form of performance evaluation will provide your management team with the tools to develop, train and re-train their teams to improve customer service and sales performance.

One of our mystery shoppers will conduct a visit to the point of sale, posing as a normal customer.

The mystery shopper can review all areas of the sales process, along with the opportunity to provide information about any other aspects of the store or outlet.

Douglas Stafford can work with you to produce a bespoke script for the shopper to follow, to enable you to get the most out of the service.

Once the shop is completed, the shopper will score the shop and feedback the results to the Douglas Stafford Quality Control department.

By having the ability to review staff performance using this method of evaluation, you will enable management and training teams to highlight good and bad practices and use it as a tool to help train your team. The purpose of this type of mystery shopping is to provide information to your management team upon which business decisions can be taken.

'Buy In'

Douglas Stafford work with new clients to get buy in from all team members in the set-up phase so as to get the best from this type of initiative, increasing the return on the investment and motivating team members to use the information as a self improvement tool.

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