Mystery Shopping

When Performance is Everything

How do your team handle customers who walk through your doors?

Performance Improvement through Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping provides an insight into your team's ability to interact with your customers and provides an excellent tool to use when your business wants to improve both sales and customer service.

This form of performance improvement will provide your management team with the tools to develop, train and re-train their teams to improve customer service and sales performance.

Having the ability to review staff performance using this method of evaluation enables management and training teams to highlight good and bad practices, and use the data that Douglas Stafford provide to motivate and improve performance.

Mystery Shoppers

Douglas Stafford has a national team of mystery shoppers that can provide your company with a customer experience evaluation, with all related performance improvement data and recommendations through a very sophisticated on-line reporting tool.

DSInsight Reporting System

Douglas Stafford over the years has developed a sophisticated programme reporting system, DSInsight, that will provide a clear picture of both sales and customer service performance levels.

Video Mystery Shopping

In conjunction with state of the art micro digital HD quality video production initiatives, we are able to provide high quality video mystery shopping to all our Clients.

Please play the video below to view a Video Mystery Shopping demonstration

Retail Mystery Shopping Service from Douglas Stafford

Do you want to improve how your retail store operates? At Douglas Stafford, we can help improve your retail performance by identifying flaws within your store or stores. Our retail mystery shopping services can prove to be an invaluable performance improvement service, as we can recognise whether your employees need further training or need to be retrained completely.

If you want to flourish in the competitive retail industry, then you need to ensure that you deliver exceptional customer service. Our mystery shopping service can provide you with an impartial opinion about whether or not our experienced mystery shoppers enjoyed their shopping experience in your store, and if they received unrivalled customer care. Therefore, our mystery shopper services can help you boost sales and customer satisfaction, whilst helping to develop a strong and customer-focused commercial store.

Our Mystery Shopping Service Employees

As one of the UK’s leading mystery shopping agencies, we can provide you with a team of mystery shoppers who will provide a customer evaluation about your store. The mystery shopping evaluation will include performance improvement data and recommendations, and all information will be delivered through a state-of-the-art online reporting system.

Video Retail Mystery Shopping Service

In order to help you gain a better understanding of customer service levels in your store, we offer video mystery shopper services which can provide you with hard evidence of customer care within your retail store. We offer high-tech micro digital HD quality video production initiatives, so you can trust that you’ll receive a high quality mystery shopping video.

The Best Mystery Shopping Agencies

We want to help your company grow from strength to strength and are passionate about providing you with fruitful results so you can make the changes your company needs. Therefore, when it comes to retail mystery shopping agencies, you won’t find better mystery shopper services elsewhere.

Mystery Shopper Services from Douglas Stafford

So if you are looking for the best mystery shopping agencies in the industry, you should look no further than Douglas Stafford. Our retail mystery shopping service can significantly improve the performance of your store.