Audit Programmes

When Performance is Everything

Douglas Stafford can provide your company with a bespoke audit programme to ensure your business leads from the front.

All of our auditors are highly-trained and will work with your company to build a relationship and knowledge of your brand.

Our auditors will be able to measure compliance to your company’s brand standards, and advise of areas that could be improved upon, whatever the industry sector. Areas of focus could include interior, exterior, cleanliness, pricing, point of sale and product availability. In the automotive industry, for example, it could also include demonstrator vehicles.

Our tailored auditing programmes will give your company an instant performance update using information gathered, while helping to improve service standards.

With more than 25 years of customer experience knowledge in the automotive, retail, hospitality, property, finance and leisure industries, you can be confident that your company will receive maximum benefit from Douglas Stafford audit programme.

To see how Douglas Stafford’s auditing programmes could help your company, contact us on 02392 830011.