Case Studies

Case Studies

When Performance is Everything

Belvoir! Case Study


Douglas Stafford were successfully chosen by the Belvoir Lettings franchise in the UK as their preferred Mystery Shopping supplier to the Belvoir franchised network.

Providing a full suite of Mystery Shopping services covering Video, Telephone as well as Electronic Email Mystery Shopping, the network can benefit from a cost effective programme giving them an insight into the sales processes and customer handling techniques being adopted by their customer facing staff.

I have found using Douglas Stafford for Mystery Shopping a fantastic way to learn how my negotiators are dealing with applicants who phone in. This has enabled me to change the way we train the negotiators so that we can now get optimum opportunity to let properties through phone enquiries.

Tom Simper
Belvoir Lettings

Each branch has the ability to order their own bespoke programmes at a group discounted rate in order to be able to strategically use Douglas Stafford’s Mystery Shopping services as and when required to continue the ongoing assessment, development and training of their staff to increase sales and customer satisfaction levels.

The Douglas Stafford service has enabled us to see and hear exactly what goes on or doesn’t! It provides transparency which motivates staff into action, change or be changed!

Improving conversion of calls to viewings and applications has to be on all our shopping lists. This service helps us achieve it. So if you want to grow your business, make this part of your business plan.

Cara Clarke
Operations Manager
Belvoir Lettings Peterborough